Niall Slater

Author & Developer

The Second Death of Daedalus Mole

“Clever, quirky, original, hilarious”

Joanne Harris

Daedalus Mole wants to make the best of a bad situation. The plan: fly his unwanted passenger, Erin, to her destination, squeeze her for every last penny, then immediately find refuge in the nearest pub.

Unfortunately, when the galaxy is on the verge of economic collapse and your passenger has a bounty the size of a planet on her head, there’s only so much another drink can do to help.

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Cinematic, quirky, moving and satirical, The Second Death Of Daedalus Mole sits squarely with a new generation of intelligent science fiction joining the classics on our shelves in the twenty first century.

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There's no reader I WOULDN'T recommend this for, quite honestly.

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Sitting somewhere between Raymond Chandler, Douglas Adams, and the world building of the Star Wars universe, I loved this.

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...a cracking good sci-fi read.

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Not since hitchhiker's guide have I enjoyed a non-sci-fi sci-fi so much.

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